THE Noise Shark

Growing up in a family of movie nuts and musicians it’s no surprise that I have a strong love of A/V Media. In the summer of 2009 a few of my friends and I sat down and came up with the idea for Noise Shark Media; A media group chock full of sarcasm, wit, and humor. We would get together on a fairly regular basis and talk shop, coming up with tons of ideas but never really implementing them (except for Sam, shes has done the most work out of all of us).

As time passed, most of the founding member left the social circle and abandoned the project, but there are still a few of us dedicated to keeping the dream alive.

My hope is that we will get some podcasts or webcasts up here as soon as we get off our lazy butts, but until then we’ll be posting our ideas, scripts, and thoughts on the goings on of the world. As for what I do, well here’s the list…

  1. Web Admin
  2. Photographer
  3. Co-Writer
  4. Slacker
  5. Techie
  6. Game Reviewer

Occasionally I’ll have to be in front of the camera instead of behind it, but I’ll burn that bridge when i get there!

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