I Suppose that I have to follow the crowd and write something about myself. I  am the odd one out in our merry band, as I did not grow up within the Pacific Northwest. Instead, I spent the majority of my youth in the Midwest, deep in farmland. Which, as you can imagine was full of excitement and entertainment. At least it gave me  incentive to read and play games. Something that stuck with me through my time as an undergrad in Alaska (also a region which incentives reading and playing games with its winters), and has now found an outlet here at noiseshark media.

I have always found games fascinating for the stories they allow us to experience. And for me it does not really matter whether that game is pen and paper RPG, board game, or video game. Hopefully I can translate that fascination and the experiences it produces into some sort of enjoyable and thought provoking articles, hopefully. Other than that I am also a historian, and thus a history geek, with my area of interest/ expertise being Roman history. And i suppose a bit of a food geek, as I am knee deep in learning how to make food such as cheese, beer, wine, mead, bread, and many other things from scratch.

I encourage you to peruse the site, enjoy our thoughts on various forms of media, and participate in the discussions!

A ludendo ne destiteritis,


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