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Top Ten – WildStar

  Recently I’ve started playing WildStar, a new MMORPG by Carbine/NCsoft. This game has a lot going for it, great graphics, fun game play, and a quirky story that keeps you interested in whats going to happen next. With its initial success at launch I am hopeful that this game will continue to draw [...]

New Player Tips: Tabletop RPGs

Pen and paper role-playing games are a great creative outlet as well as a ton of fun, and even though many folks who have been gaming for ages would disagree, everyone, was a newbie gamer at one point. Hopefully in this article I will be able to offer some tips for a new gamer to help them get [...]

How Far Will You Go For Rome?

As some of you may know Creative Assembly has officially announced Rome II. Something that I have long suspected, and am overjoyed to see this being made! The tag line for this is spectacular and embodies so much of the designers are hoping to incorporate. How far will you go for Rome? Here is the [...]

All Hail Rome! Rome 2 Finally Announced

After months (well, more like years) of speculation, Creative Assembly has announced that the next title in the Total War series will be Rome 2! I could not be more elated by the prospect of in roughly a years time I will be enjoying the most awaited sequel in the Total War series. From everything [...]

Art Inspired by Games: Propaganda Style Posters for Games

My last post about art inspired by older games was so much fun to put together that I decided to dig up few for more posters for more recent games. I hope that games will continue to inspire artists to keep producing these wonderful pieces.  So Enjoy and Share! -Loren #ksr-stars-1342 [...]
Bowser's Army

Art Inspired by Games: Propaganda Posters for Old School Games

As the week begins I thought it would be nice to share a few propaganda style posters for old video games.  I love it when people are inspired by games and craft new artwork for them, so enjoy and share. (more…) #ksr-stars-1277 li.ksr-1{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-1277 [...]

The Business of Games: EA and Battlefield Premium

I know that EA has been receiving a great deal of this flak recently, and a much of this is deserved. EA has become a synonym for greed at the expense of quality in their games. In part this comes from the fact they are a business, that makes a product that needs a certain return in order [...]
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New Player Tips: Eve Online

So, a friend of mine asked me the other day for tips on starting as new player Eve Online©. Eve is by far one of the more difficult MMOs that I have played; containing a robust economy, heavy PvP elements and requiring an appreciation of mathematics to play. I haven’t had the opportunity to play a [...]
Crusader Kings 2

Games to Try: Crusader Kings II

I stumbled across Paradox’s Crusader Kings II recently, and it is an interesting enough take on the Grand Strategy genre that not only does it deserve more play but others should check it out as well. If you want more political intrigue and relationships in your strategy game than this may just be [...]

Edition Wars: Was 4th Edition irredeemable?

As some of you may know, Wizards of the Coast is play-testing a new edition of Dungeons and Dragons. It seems the endless cycle of the Pen and Paper community dividing into factions is once again upon us. There are those who see this new edition as reclaiming the ‘true’ spirit of role-playing, and [...]
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