Games to Watch: Firefall

Everyone ought to go and check out Red 5 Studios’ game in development, Firefall. This is an interesting game as it is attempting to break the mold on what has been the standard for MMO games, World of Warcraft. Oh, and did I mention that it is going to be a free-to-play game! Red 5 is breaking [...]

Diabolical Cosplay

With the launch of Diablo 3 there’s been a lot of buzz on the internet but this is on of the coolest things I have seen related to the game. Take a look and let us know what you think of this guys amazing costume! (more…) #ksr-stars-964 li.ksr-1{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-964 [...]

Games and my ‘Reviews’

First thing is first, my name is Loren and I spend the bulk of my time reading about the Roman Empire. That being said, I LOVE games and especially games that delve into interesting stories or explore the human condition. After some thought I decided that it would nice to put those spare moments [...]

What’s Next for the Total War Series? Rome 2 and Beyond

With the recent release of Total War: Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai, speculation is running rapid  as to what the next Total War title will be. It seems to me that it’s a foregone conclusion that the next titled will be Rome 2. With that in mind, I think it’s fair to speculate what Rome 2 might look [...]

Why oh why is there no official Harry Potter RPG

  A Harry Potter Based RPG- It boggles my mind why this franchise hasn’t been released as an official game. After all, there have been several video games pushed out. Aside from the Lego© Harry Potter series, they didn’t do much for me in the way of continuing the magic that I have felt reading the [...]
Image of statue of Sun Tzu

Playing War: Sun Tzu’s Ancient Text in Computer Strategy Games

Harvesting.  Unit Cap.  The “Zerg Rush.”  All terms synonymous with the real-time strategy genre of computer games.  Since Dune II laid the foundations for generations of time-wasters, dozens of iterations based on tactical know-how have emerged from developers’ dens.  However, with every [...]

What “The Secret World” Needs to Succeed

MMORPGs are a dime-a-dozen these days. Just this year, Rift was released as the newest commercial roleplaying game, and Forsaken World was released late last year as the free-to-play time-killer. Turbine’s two top games have utilized micro-transactions to great effect complete with new free and [...]

Super Mario X

I stumbled across this gem this morning  on Kotaku, and it looks amazing. All your classic Mario style play smashed together with a myriad of other heroes and villains from across the classic games universe. I really cant wait to give this game a closer look, but until then I’ll leave you with the [...]
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