Deadpool giving thumbs up

Deadpool Fan Film May Be The Closest Thing We’ll Get to an Actual Film

There are no words to describe how extremely awesome this fan film is. The people at Bean Dip Productions put this video together showcasing just how insanely wonderful Deadpool is. Ryan Reynolds may want to play him on the big screen, but until that pipedream comes to pass, this is the next best [...]
The Flash

Where’s Wally?: A Fangirl’s Search for The Missing Flash

In light of the news that, yes, The Justice League movie is a go and that Wonder Woman and The Flash are having scripts written for their own movies, as well as the new Character Art segment started last week, I feel the need to address my thoughts on the disappearance of one of my favorite [...]

Well We’re Living Here in Alan-town: DC Reintroduces Alan Scott

Yes, the worst kept secret is that Alan Scott, formerly the Golden Age Green Lantern, is the iconic DC character coming out of the closet. In the pages of Earth Two, DC'S alternate reality where Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman were all killed off in the first issue, Alan Scott as Green Lantern is one of the leading heroes of the Justice Society. And now he happens to be gay.

Top Ten: Cartoons (Adult Edition)

You might remember some time ago (about three weeks), I posted an article listing the top ten favorite cartoons from my childhood in honor of a documentary about voice over actors. Well now that some time has passed, and I’ve come down from my Avengers high, I think it’s time to present Part 2 with [...]

Why oh why is there no official Harry Potter RPG

  A Harry Potter Based RPG- It boggles my mind why this franchise hasn’t been released as an official game. After all, there have been several video games pushed out. Aside from the Lego© Harry Potter series, they didn’t do much for me in the way of continuing the magic that I have felt reading the [...]

To Boldly Go Back to Television: The Need for a New Star Trek Television Series

Over the past two years, a friend and I have had intermittent conversations about the glory days of an abundance of Star Trek on television and which series was truly the best. We both agree in our love for TNG, but for me, that’s where it stops. As a kid, I was never able to get into DS9 or [...]
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