La Femme Critique: Love in the Time of Doctor Who

There have definitely been some rumblings following Asylum of the Daleks, the seventh series opener of Doctor Who. For all of its 45 minute run, the episode presents a lot of interesting ideas along wih a couple of twists that are both heart-breaking and head-scratching. The loudest voices appear [...]

CBS’s Sherlock Holmes: Will It Be Elementary?

As continues to be the trend, another British inspired show will be debuting this fall on American TV. Building on the success of both the Sherlock Holmes films by Guy Ritchie and the BBC series Sherlock, CBS is producing their own take on an updated Holmes, this one being set in New York in the [...]

Holy Versatility Batman!: Batman on Television

There’s really only one thing we’re going to be talking about here and that’s:   Yes, old chums, this is the tv series that started the Batmania of the 1960s, forever endearing the character to young children everywhere while simultaneously branding The Caped Crusader as unadulterated camp. Though [...]

Stop Fucking with my Childhood: Michael Bay and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This is the first article of a new series, as you my have guessed, focusing on those in Hollywood who insist on fucking with my childhood. For the first one, I will be tackling that son of a bitch Michael Bay and his remake of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (more…) #ksr-stars-734 [...]

An Open Letter to AMC Regarding The Walking Dead

Alternate Title: Where the f**k is Carl? Dear AMC, You don’t know me (why should you), but I’m what you might refer to as a “fan” of The Walking Dead. Now, before you go on assuming I mean your little “adaptation,” perhaps I should clarify: I’m a fan of the graphic novel The Walking Dead. That’s [...]

To Boldly Go Back to Television: The Need for a New Star Trek Television Series

Over the past two years, a friend and I have had intermittent conversations about the glory days of an abundance of Star Trek on television and which series was truly the best. We both agree in our love for TNG, but for me, that’s where it stops. As a kid, I was never able to get into DS9 or [...]

Moaning Lisa: New Feelings on an Old Episode

I’ve been mulling this one around in my head for some time now, mostly because I wasn’t sure if this was something I necessarily wanted to share with people, but fuck it, a blog is nothing if not a platform for narcissism, so here I go! For my and the preceding generation, The Simpsons was [...]

Update: New Wonder Woman Costume

Take a good long look people. This is what goes for “non-campy” these days…       #ksr-stars-321 li.ksr-1{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-321 li.ksr-2{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-321 li.ksr-3{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-321 li.ksr-4{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-321 [...]

Torchwood Season 4 update.

Starz and BBC have announced the newest member to the Torchwood team, Mikhi Phifer who also starred in Lie to Me and ER is set to play Rex Matheson.  According to deadline.com, Matheson is “a fast-tracked high-flyer with a lethal sense of humor who starts to feel his mortality when his life is put [...]
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