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Assembly Acquired: The Avengers Review

Here’s the shortest review ever: If you don’t like The Avengers, then you don’t like fun and we can’t be friends! Oh, sorry, you need more? Fine. I suppose I could muster up an actual review. Some Spoilers Ahead!! (more…) #ksr-stars-845 li.ksr-1{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-845 [...]

Marvel’s Risk = DC’s Gain: The Rocky Road to a Justice League Movie

  On the eve of The Avengers American release (there will be a review up probably on Monday), I thought it might be worth examining what Marvel’s experiment means for future superhero movies. Released last Friday in the UK, The Avengers has already surpassed it’s $220 million budget, with [...]
Captain America

Avenge Me!: A Captain America Review

Ah, the 1940s…a simpler time when a gallon of gas was 11 cents, the moon was still a distant, unknown world made of green cheese, and Nazis were so damn easy to kill! And even 70 years later, we can’t get enough Nazi killing, so if someone were to ask for a bare-bones mathematical equation for why [...]

Captain America Official Trailer

Check out two and a half minutes of Captain America goodness! #ksr-stars-329 li.ksr-1{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-329 li.ksr-2{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-329 li.ksr-3{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-329 li.ksr-4{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-329 [...]

Captain America: Anachronistic or Contemporary Hero?

Originally Posted July 27th, 2010 With the announcement of the official cast of the Avengers movie via San Diego Comic-Con this last weekend, I thought it appropriate to talk about the character I’m most excited to see…other than Tony Stark. I know people are getting excited about the release of [...]
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