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Clio’s Stash: Recommended History Comics

I guess I’m on a history kick this week. While I may have lamented and celebrated different aspects of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, make no mistake, there are some wonderful comics and graphic novels depicting historical figures and settings that are just as off-kilter in premise. Here are some [...]

Well We’re Living Here in Alan-town: DC Reintroduces Alan Scott

Yes, the worst kept secret is that Alan Scott, formerly the Golden Age Green Lantern, is the iconic DC character coming out of the closet. In the pages of Earth Two, DC'S alternate reality where Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman were all killed off in the first issue, Alan Scott as Green Lantern is one of the leading heroes of the Justice Society. And now he happens to be gay.

I Always Cry at Weddings: Gay Marriage and Comics

Hi! I’m Samantha Cross, but you can call me Sam because we’re friends. You might remember me from several of the articles on this website. So, I’m not a member of the LGBT community, but I’d like to talk about this issue in comics, specifically the latest exploits of Marvel and DC. If you’re okay [...]

How I Spent My Emerald City Comicon

Alternative Title: How Much I Spent at Emerald City Comicon! Yes, convention season has begun! This year was, in fact, the tenth anniversary of Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, Washington and my fourth year attending. So what I thought I’d do is take you through my con experience this year as it [...]

An Open Letter to AMC Regarding The Walking Dead

Alternate Title: Where the f**k is Carl? Dear AMC, You don’t know me (why should you), but I’m what you might refer to as a “fan” of The Walking Dead. Now, before you go on assuming I mean your little “adaptation,” perhaps I should clarify: I’m a fan of the graphic novel The Walking Dead. That’s [...]

Batman Unmasked

I’ve kept quiet (mostly) about my feelings towards DC Comics’s current relaunch mainly because I feel it’s a bit unfair to judge the company when it’s really the product that should be the subject of my critical eye. That being said, DC hasn’t exactly endeared themselves to me what with the [...]

In His Defense: Superman

Amongst my friends, family, and strangers who happen to hear me ranting on the street like a mad woman, it’s common knowledge that there’s no love lost between me and Superman. It’s not like I hate the guy or anything, but there’s never been enough of a draw to the character that’s inspired me to [...]

La Femme Critique: What to do With Wonder Woman

The most predominant stereotype surrounding the Geekdom of Nerdopolis is the male to female ratio. The notion that men represent our idea of what is or is not a geek gives little credence to the fact that women have steadily gained ground, if not dominated the category in recent years. Women are [...]

Captain America: Anachronistic or Contemporary Hero?

Originally Posted July 27th, 2010 With the announcement of the official cast of the Avengers movie via San Diego Comic-Con this last weekend, I thought it appropriate to talk about the character I’m most excited to see…other than Tony Stark. I know people are getting excited about the release of [...]

Welcome to Mercy Reef

Originally Posted June 20th, 2010 The comic book universe is full of amazing heroes and villains all engaged in do or die battles that challenge heroes both physically and mentally. But not all heroes seem to make the cut of admirable paragons of justice. In fact, some of them are downright [...]
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