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Well We’re Living Here in Alan-town: DC Reintroduces Alan Scott

Yes, the worst kept secret is that Alan Scott, formerly the Golden Age Green Lantern, is the iconic DC character coming out of the closet. In the pages of Earth Two, DC'S alternate reality where Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman were all killed off in the first issue, Alan Scott as Green Lantern is one of the leading heroes of the Justice Society. And now he happens to be gay.

Marvel’s Risk = DC’s Gain: The Rocky Road to a Justice League Movie

  On the eve of The Avengers American release (there will be a review up probably on Monday), I thought it might be worth examining what Marvel’s experiment means for future superhero movies. Released last Friday in the UK, The Avengers has already surpassed it’s $220 million budget, with [...]

Batman Unmasked

I’ve kept quiet (mostly) about my feelings towards DC Comics’s current relaunch mainly because I feel it’s a bit unfair to judge the company when it’s really the product that should be the subject of my critical eye. That being said, DC hasn’t exactly endeared themselves to me what with the [...]

It’s Not Easy Being Green: A Green Lantern Movie Review

I’ve come to realize, since the beginning of the summer movie season, that my reviews of superhero movies resemble the swing of a pendulum. I’ve been ridiculously harsh, surprisingly forgiving, and easily entertained.  A lot of this appears to be dependent on my familiarity with whatever hero or [...]

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night…

For those of you unaware, the official trailer for the Green Lantern Movie was released today. Here’s your first look: (more…) #ksr-stars-94 li.ksr-1{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-94 li.ksr-2{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-94 li.ksr-3{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-94 [...]
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