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Character Art: Justice League

As the week draws to a close, so too does the story of any character in movies, television, literature, and comic books. We at Noise Shark have decided to honor such an event by showcasing artwork made for or inspired by these characters. The first team book in comics, The Justice League of [...]

Why Justice League Shouldn’t Be DC’s Next Movie

The 2012 summer movie season could be considered the pinnacle of superhero movies. With the astounding box office breaking success of The Avengers and the end of The Dark Knight Trilogy, comic book fans and superhero movie fans were given the ultimate spectrum of possibility and potential for the [...]

Holy Versatility Batman!: Batman in Animation

All right, let’s talk cartoons! This is definitely the medium I’m most familiar with in terms of my superhero education. Though I could be wrong, I’m pretty sure a lot of us discovered or rediscovered Batman through the animated shows that brought The Dark Knight into our homes every Saturday [...]

Batman Unmasked

I’ve kept quiet (mostly) about my feelings towards DC Comics’s current relaunch mainly because I feel it’s a bit unfair to judge the company when it’s really the product that should be the subject of my critical eye. That being said, DC hasn’t exactly endeared themselves to me what with the [...]
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