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Holy Versatility Batman!: Batman on Film

Here we go, people, the final stretch! Home plate is in sight…and I just realized I’m using baseball metaphors to describe writing about a comic book character. There you go. As the saying goes: All good things must come to an end. And in honor of the midnight release of The Dark Knight Rises, [...]

La Femme Critique: Snow White

I don’t know why, but Snow White seems to be awfully popular these days. Not only did we have two movies duking it out (although not really) in Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman, but Disney owned ABC’s popular show Once Upon a Time has also re-imagined the fairytale princess into more [...]

Skyfall Teaser Has Landed

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Assembly Acquired: The Avengers Review

Here’s the shortest review ever: If you don’t like The Avengers, then you don’t like fun and we can’t be friends! Oh, sorry, you need more? Fine. I suppose I could muster up an actual review. Some Spoilers Ahead!! (more…) #ksr-stars-845 li.ksr-1{background-color:#96c0ff}#ksr-stars-845 [...]

Marvel’s Risk = DC’s Gain: The Rocky Road to a Justice League Movie

  On the eve of The Avengers American release (there will be a review up probably on Monday), I thought it might be worth examining what Marvel’s experiment means for future superhero movies. Released last Friday in the UK, The Avengers has already surpassed it’s $220 million budget, with [...]

The Odds Are Favorable: The Hunger Games Review

Young Adult fiction (or YA for short in case you’re tweeting or texting). Whether you love it, hate it, or loathe it, there’s no getting around the fact that it is the driving force behind a great many movies and CW shows. Why? Because tweens and teens are a consuming, tweeting, facebooking glob of [...]

Mystery with No Explanation: A Review of J. Edgar

On paper, this movie looked like it should have been amazing. With Clint Eastwood directing and Leonardo DiCaprio starring, I had very high expectations. The subject matter itself suggested that it should have been an amazing movie. J. Edgar Hoover, one of the most interesting people of the [...]

Summer Movie Preview: The Anderson Edition

As I poked my head out of my apartment door, much like the groundhog on February 2nd, I thought to myself, bloody hell, it’s freezing. But then I saw a glimmer of light. No, it wasn’t the sun, because the dark Bellingham sky has kept it hidden since November. It was, however, the headlights of the [...]

Summer Movie Preview (Sam Edition)

I feel a change in the air. The Shadow of Winter has passed and with it has followed the weighty pretentiousness of Award Season, ushering in the next season of film. A lighter, brighter, genre-specific smattering of movies awaits us on the horizon and I, for one, am glad to see the light! Yes, [...]
Captain America

Avenge Me!: A Captain America Review

Ah, the 1940s…a simpler time when a gallon of gas was 11 cents, the moon was still a distant, unknown world made of green cheese, and Nazis were so damn easy to kill! And even 70 years later, we can’t get enough Nazi killing, so if someone were to ask for a bare-bones mathematical equation for why [...]
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