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My Guilty Pleasure: Whistle by Flo-Rida

This weeks guilty pleasure also comes by way of Nof and his amazing wife Jillian. They brought the song to my attention a couple of weeks back and I’ve been on the fence about it. It’s a catchy song, sure, but is it really a guilty pleasure? So, I’ve been doing a lot of commuting lately and have [...]

My Guilty Pleasure: PSY “Gangnam Style”

I really don’t even know what to think about this one. My friend, Chris “Nof” Nofziger, sent me this video a few days ago; sadly, Nof left us this morning for Santa Barbara. In a way to pay tribute to one of my dearest friends and most revered colleagues, this weeks guilty pleasure is PSY “Gangam [...]

My Guilty Pleasure: Guy on a Buffalo

A few months ago one of my friends, who has now left us to go experience the wonders of Columbus, OH, showed all of us a series of videos which have remained some of my absolute favorite. Before long, my friends and I spend the word on the series and soon friends outside of the university and our [...]

My Guilty Pleasure: LMFAO Cantina

I’ve truly had a love-hate relationship with LMFAO. As you may have seen in my article about Noah Guthrie, I absolutely loved his acoustic version of “Sexy and I Know It.” My little cousin, for better or worse, loves that song and has the funniest wiggle dance to it ever (he’s three and a half, for [...]

My Guilty Pleasure: Call Me, Maybe?

One of my guilty pleasures in life is falling in love with horrible pop songs. Whether I find them on the radio or see the videos on YouTube, I absolutely love them. Each week I will post my current guilty pleasure. This week, the winner is Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae [...]
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