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My Favorite Summer Movies of 2012

I’ve been terrible at making it to the cinema this summer. Along with my constant struggle with Crohn’s Disease and my general lack of leaving my apartment because of treatment, this summer movie seasons has all but gone by without much of a notice from me. And in a lot of ways, this really wasn’t [...]

The Ending We Deserved: The Dark Knight Rises Review (Spoilers!)

In many ways I’m still trying to process how I feel about The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR, for the purposes of saving time). I’m not normally the type of person that gets sentimental or overly emotional about movies (unless anger counts – righteous, righteous anger!), but after leaving the theater, [...]

Character Art: Batman

As the week draws to a close, so too does the story of any character in movies, television, literature, and comic books. We at Noise Shark have decided to honor such an event by showcasing artwork made for or inspired by these characters. Because I’m clearly bat-obsessed, here’s some artwork [...]

Holy Versatility Batman!: Batman on Film

Here we go, people, the final stretch! Home plate is in sight…and I just realized I’m using baseball metaphors to describe writing about a comic book character. There you go. As the saying goes: All good things must come to an end. And in honor of the midnight release of The Dark Knight Rises, [...]
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